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How DBCCI Achieved Unprecedented Success

Dynamic Builders and Construction Co. (Phil.) Inc., otherwise known as DBCCI, or simply Dynamic Builders, has reached unprecedented success in today’s tough and competitive construction industry. The company has already proven its worth and might in the field, having completed numerous projects in different parts of Bacolod, and in the whole of Negros Occidental. In fact, it has completed various projects in other regions as well.


The roots of DBCCI can be traced in the 80’s when a group of dynamic and visionary individuals gathered together to form a small company that will primarily delve into the construction business. It was a momentous event, considering that there was no certainty at the time, whether or not their venture will be rendered truly profitable. Through hard work and dedication, the visionary personas were able to actualize a very good company whose ideals are simply irreproachable.

From the first project that DBCCI handled, it continued to take on more challenging projects almost every year. The company has already endeavored into the different facets of construction.

DBCCI has completed numerous road projects. It has constructed both smaller inner roads and highways. The company has not only built horizontal projects, it has actually successfully completed a lot of vertical projects, which range from different sizes of buildings. It has built sports complexes, power plants and many more.

At current time, DBCCI is completing one of its hallmark projects, which is the construction of Negros First Cyber Centre. The completion of the Cyber Centre is nearing considering that there are only a few remaining aspects of the building that are still unfinished. Work is ongoing 24/7 in order to hasten its completion. It is bound to become one of the landmarks in Bacolod City and will surely usher in a lot of people to the city.

The Cyber Centre will be home to thousands of jobs and will definitely be one of the finest structures within the city.

Presently, DBCCI is completing more construction projects, some of which are not within the vicinity of Bacolod. One such project is the Cadiz Economic Center, which could be the next big thing in the northern part of Negros Occidental.




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