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Finest Structures in Bacolod City

If you have not yet been to Bacolod City, or if you have already visited this great City of Smiles, then it would be a must for you to come and visit Bacolod and take a look at some of its finest structures. These structures can be considered as masterpieces, and Dynamic Builders and Construction Co. (Phil.) Inc., which is at present regarded as one of the best construction companies in Bacolod, is very much proud to have contributed a lot in building some of these great edifices.

Take a look at the Negros First Cyber Centre. It is undeniable that this is one of the best construction projects in Bacolod. This is an imposing edifice that could elicit awe and wonder from passers-by of Lacson and Libertad Sts. The building itself is a masterpiece. It reflects the striking colors of blue and green, and from a considerable distance, you already be able to catch a glimpse of its majestic and imposing façade.

The Cyber Centre will be one of the busiest places in Bacolod City once completed. It is bound to provide thousands of job opportunities to individuals. It will usher in a good deal of circulation of money in the City of Smiles.

Another great structure in the City of Bacolod is the New Government Center. This has been one of the most photographed sites within the city due to its beauty and grandeur. The New Government Center is the hub for government transactions. This is where the offices of the Mayor, Vice Mayor and Councilors are found. It is also where the different departments of the local government are located.

One of the things that makes The New Government Center a real attraction in the city is the huge water fountain that is strategically located right in front of the building. When you are passing the Circumferential Rd., you will be awed by the fountain especially at night.

Aside from being the hub for government-related transactions, the NGC is also a favorite of joggers, families and friends who wish to find a great place where they can relax and unwind.

Another great project that will soon give Bacoleños and Negrenses a great smile is the Cadiz Economic Center. Although technically speaking this is not located within Bacolod City, this is worth mentioning here. Just like the Negros First Cyber Centre, it is DBCCI that will make this structure a great one. So stay tuned!




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