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Dynamic Builders – Building Structures that Last

DBCCI has always been known for its ability to build the finest construction projects not only in Bacolod City but also in neighboring towns and provinces. In fact, it is known as one of the most trusted construction companies in Negros Occidental, having built a formidable portfolio that is replete with all types of construction projects.

Dynamic Builders and Construction Co. (Phils.) Inc. has started its foray into the competitive world of construction in the late 80’s. The company started dealing with small-scale projects, and it eventually delved into more complex construction work.

From the humblest of beginnings, the company managed to inch its way up to the top spot, garnering for itself the distinction of being among the best construction company in the region. In fact, its small-scale projects soon turned into mega projects.

In the course of its business, it was able to create landmarks and other structures that signify the strength and the skills of DBCCI. It was able to provide different communities with bridges, buildings, classrooms, hospitals, airports, power plants, and stadiums.

Today, one of the projects that it is handling, which will be a fitting landmark of both Bacolod City and Negros Occidental, will soon be completed and will provide thousands of job opportunities.

Everyone is simply waiting for the Negros 1st Cyber Centre’s grand opening. This is one structure that DBCCI is really proud of. This has been perfectly-planned, with its color, design, and every aspect of it truly made exceptional. The façade of the Cyber Centre is really a delight to the eye that you will be mesmerized by it whenever you pass by it.

Aside from the physical structures, DBCCI also made sure that it will keep up with its social responsibilities, specifically in giving back to the community.

With the way that the company has been handled really well by its leaders, you can expect the company to continue growing and flourishing. In fact, you will surely expect DBCCI to continue growing and expanding for years to come. It will surely be one of the names that will make a mark in the construction industry in the Philippines.




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