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DBCCI – A Bacolod Construction Company Worthy of Emulation

There are only a few construction companies in the Philippines worthy of emulation and Dynamic Builders and Construction Company (Phil.), Incorporated is one of them. The numerous awards and certifications it has received from various institutions and government agencies is a testament of its good ethos and eminence. So what is the stuff that makes DBCCI a truly admirable company?


It has been said that the soul of any company is the people who composed it, from its officers down to the utility personnel. They are the real strength of the company and are usually the determinants as to how long the business will exist. DBCCI is staffed by competent people who truly know and comprehend everything there is to be acquainted with in a construction company. From the officers to its architects and engineers, down to its construction workers, the company is proud to be composed of different teams that work harmoniously with each other.

In a way, DBCCI teams can be compared to a series of gears inside a machine where every kit and kaboodle has a predefined function that is different from the rest, yet has to turn in a manner that would harmoniously complement with other gears. If one of these gears, however small it may be, make a wrong turn, or does so in a discordant way, then the entire machinery could stop functioning, or worse, break apart. Since all members of the DBCCI teams have been properly trained and oriented, every one of them already know what to do when it comes to performing their individual tasks. It is therefore no wonder why Dynamic Builders and Construction Company (Philippines), Incorporated has been in existence for nearly three decades now and is still going strong as the years go by.


Another reason why DBCCI is being admired by a lot of companies, institutions and government agencies is because of its good ethics. This commendable trait of Dynamic Builders and its people enabled it to win the full trust and confidence of its clients. DBCCI always makes it a point to deliver their promises however difficult they may be. It is like that their words are etched in hard stones and can stand the test of time despite being battered by different weather conditions.

As a company, it is understandable that the main objective of DBCCI in all of their projects is to make profit. However, they do so in a way that will both satisfy the client and in strict adherence to their good ethics. In a manner of speaking, DBCCI do aspire for income but their roots are found in ideals, which are mainly principles anchored in fine values, good morals and ethics. This is why Dynamic Builders is one of the very few companies that continue to earn the seal of trust from their clients.


Dynamic Builders and Construction Company has a complete array of construction machineries and equipment needed to complete any project. They have a broad range of heavy equipment like several road rollers and compactors, pavers and chip spreaders, a number of bulldozers, loaders and graders, power shovels and backhoe machines, truck mounted and tower cranes, batch plants and many more. DBCCI also owns several dozen dump trucks and concrete mixer trucks, water tankers, concrete pump trucks, and a number of service vehicles for their engineers, architects and construction workforce. All of these equipment, machineries and vehicles are continuously checked by qualified mechanics and technicians to ensure that they stay in tiptop condition. DBCCI is also one of the few companies that observe proper decommissioning and replacement of equipment, machinery or vehicle once it reaches retirement age. This is why the company is continuously purchasing brand new or surplus construction equipment and machineries to replace the ones they have already decommissioned.

A Definitive Goal

DBCCI has a clear cut master plan on its growth and expansion. Designed and developed by the founding members and top officials of the company, it treats every year as a step on a ladder, with definitive sets of actions on how to position itself on every step. The mission and vision of the company also sets a clear path on which direction the DBCCI policymakers will take in order for the Bacolod construction company to achieve greater heights of success.

Proven Track Record

Since its inception in the late 1980’s, DBCCI has remained steadfast and true to its promise of delivering efficient and quality service to its clients. Look around Bacolod City and the rest of the province and you will certainly come across an edifice, structure or road that, metaphorically speaking, have DBCCI’s name stamped all over it.

These include the 7-Storey School Building of the Riverside College, the Aeronavigation Academy International Philippines Inc Hangar, the San Carlos Bioethanol & Cogeneration Power Plant-Technical Bldgs. & Foundation and the Plant Site Dev’t Works & Non-technical Buildings, the Doctor’s Hospital expansion building, the 3-storey school building at the University of St La Salle, and the Victorias City Sports & Cultural Coliseum just to name a few among its many construction and building projects.

With all these qualities of Dynamic Builders and Construction Company (Philippines) Incorporated, it is no wonder why it is the best construction firm, not only in Bacolod City, but in the entire Negros Island. DBCCI is truly a company worthy of admiration and emulation.




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