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Typical Services of Dynamic Builders and Construction Co. (Phi) Inc.

The construction sector makes up a huge chunk of the national economy of the Philippines. Recently, this multi-billion peso industry has been enjoying a boom, thanks largely to a resurging construction market coupled by a truly optimistic outlook of the economy as viewed by international market observers and institutions. With all these positive developments, it comes as no surprise that Dynamic Builders and Construction Company (Philippines) Incorporated, or DBCCI, is also enjoying the benefits.

The buoyant economic climate in Bacolod City has provided the construction company a much needed boost to provide more service in the area of building construction and civil works, offer solutions to various industrial and commercial sectors, the housing and domestic sectors, as well as participate in various government and private projects.

Dynamic Builders usually provide clients with a range of construction services, repair or remedial services, as well as protective solutions and maintenance services. DBCCI also always try to make it a point to align its own management systems with industry, government and international standards for safety, quality and environmental compliance. Recently, the ISO9001:2008 gave its stamp of approval to Dynamic Builders after thoroughly evaluating the compliance measures of the company. The ISO9001:2008 certification attests to the fact that DBCCI is one of those few companies that strictly adhere to safety and quality, with special consideration and attention given to environmental aspects, in all of their projects. The premier Bacolod City construction company also takes pride in complying with health, environmental and safety regulations in all of its workplaces and projects.

The construction and structural services being offered by Dynamic Builders typically include clearing and other earthworks, concrete construction, fabricating form work, and using various prefabricated elements for various construction tasks. Other services of the DBCCI also include pipe laying and sewerage system construction, concrete foundation and footing works, excavations, back-filling, erection of columns and walls, installing slabs and roofing, grouting, and many more. In some cases, DBCCI also work alongside the engineering team and construction workforce of a client. These usually happen in government projects where regulations require government personnel to be present and actively participating in the construction to ensure standards are met.

Dynamic Builders also offer repair and remedial services with the goal of protecting and prolonging the functional lifespan of existing buildings and infrastructure. This type of service includes refurbishment, repairs, maintenance, and corrosion control and protection. DBCCI usually implement such tasks on wharves, factories and plants, bridges, industrial facilities, buildings and many other sites without completely shutting down the operations of these areas. Repair works may also include waterproofing, watertank repairs, reinforcements, as well as repair and protection of steel structures.

Dynamic Builders and Construction Company also offer protective coating services which involve the protection of various structures with different types of coating. In many cases, this service is a necessary protection against the heat, impact, chemical corrosion or abrasion from a number of physical or chemical agents.

The maintenance offering of DBCCI cover a broad range of services which include plumbing, painting, general carpentry, cleaning and restoration, refurbishment, electrical works and many more. This service offering is usually tailored to the individual and unique needs of different clients.

There are various other services being offered by the Dynamic Builders and Construction Company (Philippines) Incorporated in Bacolod City and in many other areas in Negros Occidental and Western Visayas. Contact DBCCI now to learn more about these service offerings.

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