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Know If A Construction Company is Qualified to Undertake Your Project

How do you know if the commercial construction company you have in mind is qualified to undertake your project? This is one of the questions that usually face companies that seek to engage the services of a construction company to undertake their project. There have been cases in the past where a supposedly construction company has all the necessary licenses and permits, not to mention machineries and equipment, and were later discovered to have none of these at all. This is why you must exercise due and proper diligence when seeking the services of commercial construction companies.

Without a doubt, you may have heard of businesses being conned by unlicensed commercial contractors for a large sum of money. It is an established fact that there are some businesses that hire construction companies to build or renovate certain properties for them without first ascertaining whether the contractor they hired is licensed or not. Lest you become one of their victims, you might want to do perform some precautionary measures to determine whether the commercial construction are really qualified to take on the project you have in mind.

So what is the first thing you should do?

You can always give the Philippine Contractors Accreditation Board a call or you can visit their website to see whether a particular construction company is licensed to undertake a job or not. If you are not able to find information on their website regarding this, you can always send them an email requesting information for such and stating your reason why you need that information.

You can also try to run a background check on the construction company you intend to hire. This is not a difficult thing to do if the commercial construction company is licensed as all their records can be checked online or offline.

For instance, try running a check on DBCCI and you will definitely see the trail of records and achievements on their past projects. This attests to their credibility as a triple-A commercial construction company.

With an unlicensed contractor, however, you really cannot tell what type of projects they have undertaken in the past, or if there are any complaints lodged against them. Perhaps, if you are diligent and patient enough, you might come across a criminal complaint lodged against an unlicensed contractor, which definitely affirm your decision to stay away from them. However, until such things are discovered, there is really no way of finding out.

Although your actions of checking up on a particular contractor may be a bit adverse, particularly if such contractor is innocent after all, it is always safer to stay on the right side of the fence rather than be caught unaware. This is why established companies would rather hire the services of construction companies who are already known in their field. Such circumstance perhaps explains the tremendous success of the Bacolod City-based Dynamic Builders and Construction Company Philippines, Incorporated. DBCCI have painstakingly built their reputation and good name to the point that the trust accorded them by both private and public entities is solid as the strongest rock.

Aside from their reputable credentials, the strict adherence of DBCCI to local, national and international codes and standards has earned the company the admiration and praise of its peers and clients. So if you are looking for a qualified commercial construction company to undertake your project, try looking up Dynamic Builders in Bacolod. They are the perfect construction company for your project.








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