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All In a Day’s Work at a Construction Site of DBCCI

Just like with any other company, DBCCI, while it may sound formidable and no-nonsense, also has its lighter side. Did you know that a lot of amusing things can happen behind the scene in every construction site of Dynamic Builders and Construction Company Philippines Incorporated? You must have read some good things, albeit in pretty serious tones, about DBCCI in the past but today is a good time to look at some of the amusing things that happen at a construction site.

Here are some of those things that you might just chance upon at a DBCCI construction site:

  1. At least one construction worker is really going to do something which he may have not thought of quite clearly and one example of this is pushing a wheelbarrow over a small and unstable ramp. Clearly this might not be the best of ideas at all since the worker, wheelbarrow, and whatever is being carried in the steel cart, are all going to emulate Humpty Dumpty. Good thing the ramp is only a few inches high.
  2. You might see one of the workers showing off his incredible skills. These can range from doing a Karate-Kid type single pound of a hammer to drive the nail in, or perhaps using the steel measuring tape to get some small tools from the other end of the room. Pretty neat huh.
  3. Naturally, there would be also some guys who would try to replicate the feat of his fellow worker, but ends up with a broken steel measuring tape or worse, a sore thumb. Ouch!
  4. There are also some who give a whole new meaning to the word neophyte. Take that one for instance who tried to bore a hole through a door sill using a power tool but ends up with the power drill swallowing the entire bit. The drill chuck keys are attached to the power drill for a reason, you know.
  5. Others fulfill their dream of becoming rock stars – by making their spades some sort of a guitar. Never mind if their voices could break an inch thick of glass, just so they could sing, or shout, their hearts out.
  6. Not to be outdone, another one will also show off his dance moves. Only problem is that you don’t know if he’s gyrating or pumping or both.
  7. There are some who display physics-defying abilities. National talent shows may want to check them out one of these days.
  8. While there are also some who have perfected the art of working and relaxing at the same time. Now that is one feat that should be mastered by everyone.
  9. In all of the DBCCI construction sites, you can always witness remarkable unity, teamwork and cooperation. Kind of reminds you about well-oiled machinery. There’s no surprise there, they are after all DBCCI personnel.

There are many other amusing things that you can see in Dynamic Builders construction sites. However, while these may seem inappropriate for some who have witnessed these things, it only serves as a subtle reminder that there is great camaraderie among the DBCCI personnel. After all, it is said that when you feel good, you also produce good results. And these happy construction workers under the employ of DBCCI are no different. So the next time you see some amusing things at DBCCI construction sites, just smile and feel good about it. After all, these workers are doing a tremendously remarkable job indeed.











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