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Dynamic Builders Concrete Pumps – Getting the Work Done In Time

Do you know that the truck-mounted concrete pumps of Dynamic Builders and Construction Company Philippines Incorporated (DBCCI) are considered one the most efficient equipment in the construction firm’s inventory? It’s true! The concrete pumps of DBCCI help get the job done in a much faster and convenient way when compared to the traditional method of lifting the cement mixture by crane and pouring them out elsewhere. What is a concrete pump anyway and how is it able to speed up construction tasks?

The DBCCI truck-mounted concrete pump is a type of equipment that allows the transfer of liquefied concrete through a tube, using high pressure power, from ground-level to elevated areas. It can also be used in ground-level areas where truck mixers are not able to go to pour their pre-mix concrete load maybe because of a barrier or deep trenches or similar obstructions. With a truck-mounted concrete pump, the boom can simply be extended and positioned in a way that liquefied concrete can safely be poured from a distance.

There are two types of concrete pumps. The first type is the one on a boom trucks and is considered as a self-contained unit consisting of a truck and frame and the concrete pump itself. Its arm or boom can be controlled and extended, allowing engineers and workmen of construction companies to pour liquefied concrete to a particular area with precision accuracy. These types of equipment are truly effective when constructing medium high-rise buildings and many other types of commercial and industrial projects.

Some of the pumps under this type are single-axle truck mounted pumps designed for greater maneuverability, ability to operate in small spaces, as well as their cost-effectiveness. Others are huge six-axle rigs that are usually used because of their powerful pumps and long reach, making them very suitable and efficient when constructing high-rise buildings and other projects that require such types of equipment.

Truck-mounted concrete pumps are also available in a wide range of sizes with boom lengths ranging from 21- 66 meters and concrete outputs of up to 185m3/hour at pressures of up to 80 bars. They have either a 3, 4 or 5 section placing boom with the option of 'z' fold, 'roll' fold or 'multi-z' fold opening, making them easy to maneuver and suited to all types of concrete placing work, even where space is restricted.

Telescopic booms can be added to concrete pumps to reach the most isolated spaces. Most pumps on the larger concrete pump trucks are operated by the truck's engine in a power-takeoff (PTO) configuration. Some pumps, however, especially on smaller concrete pump trucks, are powered with their own engine. Diesel engines are used for this type of heavy-duty work because of their economical, yet powerful mechanical dynamics.

The second type of concrete pump, one which is normally mounted either on a truck or trailer is often referred to as a line pump or a trailer mounted concrete pump. These trucks are oftentimes parked in a particular place and remain stationary while concrete from ready-mix trucks discharge their load into the hopper of the pump. High-pressure is then applied, allowing the concrete to be pushed using high-pressure into the long tubes connected on the boom. Line pumps are exceptionally versatile, portable units that can also be used to pump shotcrete, wet screeds, grout, sludge and foamed concrete.

Because of its versatility and efficiency, Dynamic Builders and Construction Company Philippines Incorporated acquired two truck-mounted concrete pumps to allow for efficiency and speed when undertaking a large-scale construction project. These two state-of-the-art equipment further enhanced the reputation of DBCCI as the premier construction company in Bacolod City.





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