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Things are Getting Better for Dynamic Builders

It’s now Year of the Goat and they say that it is the year of abundance. Well, Dynamic Builders certainly believe it considering that things are turning out for the best at every corner.

Looking back at 2014, including several years before that, one can see that there was no dull time for the company. This “dull” time may be regarded as months or periods where the company was neither working on a project nor expecting one. So far, the past years can be regarded as blissful for DBCCI as a whole.
Milestone Projects
One of the most significant projects that DBCCI is truly proud of is the Negros First Cyber Centre. This is among the nicest landmarks in the city considering that it is located right at the corner of Lacson and Libertad streets. With a sprawling structure that seems to dominate the area which is quite replete of less imposing structures, the Cyber Centre is destined to be one of the most beautiful landmarks in the City of Smiles. Once the building is completed, it will be home to many businesses, professionals and employees. It will be a strong economic force that will pave the way for more job opportunities in the city. And, as expected in any growing community, a project such as this can propel growth of nearby establishments.
Other milestone projects of DBCCI include different road constructions in several areas of Negros Occidental. Some of these are located in Don Salvador Benedicto. Some are located in other towns and cities. These are truly worthwhile endeavors of DBCCI since they help connect people. Roads may not amount to much in the eyes of many but a lot of people, especially those that benefit from the construction of such roads, certainly see it in a more positive note.
A Step In the Right Direction
In order to fully appreciate and give back to Bacoleños, Dynamic Builders has ventured into another field – garbage collection. The company has seen the clamor for the past years of Bacoleños with regards to the garbage collection scheme being implemented and since it is now open to bidding, the company has decided to join. And, quite surprisingly, the company won the bidding and has been given the huge responsibility of giving a sound solution to the garbage collection problem of Bacolod. Thus, Bacoleños can expect an improved garbage collection for 2015.
With the way things are going, this year will certainly be better for DBCCI. There might be more surprises around the corner waiting for the company to open them.

Last modified on Friday, 27 February 2015 11:09
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