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A Better Garbage Collection in Bacolod City for 2015

Dynamic Builders and Construction Co. (Phil.) Inc. (DBCCI) is quite proud of the latest project that was added to its portfolio – and that is – the garbage collection for Bacolod City. After having submitted the right bid for the project to the City of Bacolod, DBCCI has been lucky enough to have won the bid.  This will be another milestone for the company, which is currently growing and expanding.

DBCCI is certainly qualified in handling such task. With its experience in the manning of hauling equipment and machinery, and considering that it is a real “Bacoleño” company, having been established in Bacolod, DBCCI is the most ideal choice.
The Right Company for the Job
The logistics of DBCCI makes it a competent company to handle the city’s garbage collection. It has a fleet of trucks, both large and small ones, which can be utilized to regularly collect the garbage. Large trucks will be utilized in the main thoroughfares of the city while smaller trucks will be used to do the collection in areas where roads are narrower.
Since DBCCI maintains a truly sound Human Resource Department, the company has the ability to choose the best truck drivers for said garbage collection tasks. These drivers must be responsible enough to define the most efficient route for garbage collection and must be a professional driver with the right driving experience in order to ensure that public safety is always placed at the top of things to consider.
Since DBCCI has already gained a good understanding of the city’s garbage problems, it is therefore the proper party to provide the best solutions.
The Proper Understanding of Public Service
Dynamic Builders certainly has a good understanding of what public service entails. It has been providing myriads of engineering works for different government entities, hence, it has truly become familiar with the manner by which public service must be carried out. With the right understanding DBCCI is very much equipped to give the right type of service that the people of Bacolod deserve.
A Strong Commitment
One thing that spells the difference between DBCCI and many other companies is the fact that when it makes a commitment to do something, it does so with everything that is within its might. Hence, Bacolod City residents can certainly expect a better garbage collection system considering that it is Dynamic Builders that will be handling such a huge responsibility.

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