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Vast Career Opportunities Await at Dynamic Builders

One of the leading construction companies in Bacolod City and even in the Visayas area is Dynamic Builders and Construction Co. (Phil.) Inc. DBCCI actually makes it its mission to provide great opportunities for those people who would like to be a part of the growing DBCCI family. Indeed, Dynamic Builders never fail to create job opportunities for many people in order to help all these individuals and also their families. What’s more important for them is that they help people find a good and decent living.

Due to the size of the company, Dynamic Builders actually has several departments. These departments serve as the framework that shapes its success, most especially in the construction industry. These departments are in constant need of professionals who would like to share their talents and skills to further the growth of the company, improve its strengths, and eradicate whatever weaknesses it has at the moment.

Since Dynamic Builders is handling a lot of projects in various areas of the Province of Negros Occidental, as well as in neighboring provinces, it is usually looking for project managers, who preferably are also graduates of college or post-graduate courses related to fields of engineering. Usually, managers can be either a female or a male. Those interested can actually submit their applications directly to the Human Resource Department office found at the DBCCI compound in Alijis, Bacolod City, or simply logon to their website and submit their application forms online.

There are many other employees that DBCCI needs aside from project managers. It is most of the time looking for talented marketing officers who actually have a background in business forms like contracts and many more. Of course, since they are a big company that has a reputation to maintain, they require experience in candidates and truly strong interpersonal skills. One must do well in negotiations and also get to deliver great results. Good communication skills are definitely worth considering.

DBCCI is always on the lookout for good civil or mechanical engineers, architects,  sanitary engineers, surveyors, foreman, accounting clerk, warehouseman, heavy equipment operator and also hydraulic mechanic. These are all those great job opportunities that await individuals at DBCCI.

If you think that you actually have the qualifications that Dynamic Builders needs, then better submit your application form at the company’s HRD office. You can also, again, submit it online. When it comes to being hired by a company such as DBCCI, you simply should not wait longer.  

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