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Negros First Cyber Center – A Pride of Dynamic Builders and Construction Co.

It cannot be denied that Negros First Cyber Center is one source of pride for the company that built it, who is no other than Dynamic Builders and Construction Co.

The Negros First Cyber Center, is a huge and imposing structure found in the corner of Hernaez-Lacson Sts. Although there are still aspects of the building that are yet to be finished, the whole of Bacolod and Negros actually looks forward to the day when the building becomes fully operational.

According to provincial officials, the Cyber Center will be able to usher thousands of job opportunities in Bacolod City. It can also pave the way for nearby municipalities and provinces to seek work in the city, thereby helping in increasing the number of people getting in.

One of the foreseen industries that will benefit from the completion of the Cyber Center is the business process outsourcing (BPO) industry. In fact, according to provincial officials, in a span of 15-years, Cyber Center will be able to generate salaries amounting to P14 billion, which is a really nice boost to the growing economy of the City of Bacolod.

Several companies are set to lease the spaces in Cyber Center. It was approximated that about 5,250 individuals may be able to find a job from different companies occupying Cyber Center. As of the moment, there is already one call center firm, Ubiquity Global, that occupies a large space in Cyber Center. Aside from this, a huge Philippine bank is currently being set up in the ground floor. Several other businesses have also started occupying various spaces in the second floor.

Cyber Center is a mixed-use complex and also has 3 designed and structured floors. There are about 4-hectares that are actually unused spaces in the area and 2 hectares of which are occupied by Cyber Center. In 2011, Cyber Center was actually accredited by the PEZA.

Since the building converges at corner Hernaez-Lacson Sts, two sides of the building basically line the two streets. One is in Lacson Street, while the other is in Hernaez Street. In the corner, you will find a very nice and imposing entrance.  

Aside from these grand edifices, DBCCI would also be building interior roads and parking areas, as well as other entrances that lead to the facility.

At current time, more construction is ongoing. The speed and quality by which DBCCI carries out all aspects of construction is totally great that you can expect the Cyber Center to be among the finest landmarks of the city for many years to come.

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