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Negros Occidental is Simply Going Up!

The economy of Bacolod City is certainly moving at a fast-pace. Among the indications of this is the various infrastructures that are being constructed in different parts of the city. From north to south, you can actually see and feel the huge and nice change in the communities. What used to be a somewhat placid and laid-back atmosphere in some barangays of the city have become vibrant and truly worthy of one’s attention.

Robinson’s Mall is among the prominent structures in the city’s northern portion. From this point, you can then notice an array of tall and imposing edifices. There are tall buildings and truly large billboards. And of course, another thing you will experience is the heavy traffic.

Most of the structures in this area are commercial buildings. Here, tenants rent a good space for their businesses. There are also condominium that are on the rise. More and more people would like to experience living the city life and would want to live in high rise buildings instead of two or three storey houses. More and more bachelors and bachelorettes find living in Bacolod City a real pleasure. You can just therefore understand the necessity for more residential and commercial spaces to be built in the City of Bacolod.

This truly overwhelming improvement in Bacolod City happened after years of careful planning. This is actually a result of the viable and effective economic policies that are being implemented. Another factor is that construction companies in the city love to provide really nice structures.

A lot of the buildings or structures that you can see in the City of Smiles have been built by no other than Dynamic Builders and Construction Company. The company, for years, have not only provided good structures, but also a lot of income opportunities for the people working for it.

At current time, Dynamic Builders take an active role in completing several projects in Bacolod City and also in other areas within Negros Occidental. So far, a landmark project is the Negros First Cyber Center, which is considered as a hub for many IT specialists. The complex will be made up primarily of commercial spaces which would be leased by the provincial government to different business entities. There is also a wide parking space for both clients of businesses in Cyber Center as well as their clients.

Dynamic Builders and Construction Co. is also undertaking the development of the Cadiz Economic Center, which is a huge development, comprising of mixed-use commercial, industrial and residential spaces. This is in Cadiz City, in the northern part of Negros Occidental.

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