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Caduha-an Gets A Second Chance at Improving Road Safety

It is true that accidents do happen but they can also be avoided. While data on road accidents largely point to driver error as the cause of the accident, it cannot be denied that road condition also play a huge part. This is why when budget became available, the city council of Cadiz seized on a second chance to repair the Caduha-an road and have it concreted. For this major project, the City of Cadiz chose the trustworthy expertise of the Bacolod-based Dynamic Builders and Construction Company Phils, Inc (DBCCI).

The engineers and planners of Dynamic Builders understand that the occurrence of injuries is preventable. When the road is well-paved and there are ample safety measures in place, both the drivers and pedestrians will arrive at their destinations without any incident. This is why DBCCI always makes it a point to always place emphasis on effective and quality road concreting, as well as maintenance and safety solutions to ensure the safety of both drivers and pedestrians.


Although it is quite true that quality may sometimes come with a hefty price, the cost can be negligible when compared to the safety and well-being of both motorists and pedestrians. With efficient road construction and periodic maintenance, the occurrence of injuries, and even deaths, on the road can be largely prevented and minimized, if not totally eradicated.


Surfacing and Safety – The Paramount Concern


dynamic builders and construction company bacolod city equipment preparing road surface for concretingDBCCI has decades of experience when it comes to road construction and maintenance. Company engineers understand that there are a lot of factors that can influence road construction if the ultimate goal is well-paved surface and safety of motorists and pedestrians. These include the type of vehicles that usually traverse that road, the number of crossroads that the main road being paved will intersect with, the soil condition, the inclination of the area, and many more.


Obviously, if you have dozens of trucks weighing more than six tons passing through the road to be paved, you need to ensure that the cement mixture is of the right consistency and materials. The sand and gravel should exactly be proportionate to the cement and water mix to ensure maximum strength that can withstand and carry huge weights. This is not the only consideration, however, as DBCCI engineers always make it a point to test the soil first if additional preparation should be made. If the subsoil of the road to be paved is clayish, then a preparatory excavation should be made to remove as much clay as possible and replace it with hard soil mixed with stones, which will then be compacted with compactor equipment.


Why is this so?


Because clay, as hard as it may be when dry could soften during rainy season, which in turn could result in cavities underneath a paved road. Naturally, if a heavy truck or vehicle will pass through that particular portion of the paved road, it could suddenly cave in, resulting in damage to both the road and vehicle passing through it.


clay surfaces are dug out by dynamic builders and construction bacolod and replaced with topsoil then compactedAnother important factor that the DBCCI engineers took into serious consideration when constructing the Caduhaan road is the surface angle or inclination. This is vital because this can greatly influence the useful life of the pavement. Again, water runoff and weight shifts as the inclination changes. Even if you have a well-compacted surface preparation, but you were not able to factor in the degree of inclination or angle, you might find yourself with a damaged road surface in just a short time.


With all of the important elements in road preparation and construction factored in by DBCCI engineers in the construction of the Caduhaan road, the residents in the surrounding areas, as well as motorists passing by, can be assured of a quality road that will last for a long time. It is like getting a second chance in safety and durability. This is perhaps the reason why Dynamic Builders and Construction Company of Bacolod City is very much trusted by the government when it comes to construction projects. With DBCCI, you can be assured of quality and durability that can last for a lifetime.

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