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Following Road Safety Signs – A Second Chance at Life

Whenever one is on the road, there is no guarantee that he is safe. Many people often say that you might be careful when driving or even walking, but can you say the same for other motorists? Are they also being careful when they are on the road? One cardinal rule to follow therefore is to follow road safety signs. By doing this, you always get the chance to come home safely to your family at the end of the day.


Here are some of the road signs that many neglect to follow:




caduhaan road construction project by dbcciIt is very basic that whenever you are at the right lane, you must be turning right. This just denotes that if you are not turning right, then you would have to occupy the middle or the left lane (in cases where one lane has 3 or more lanes) and leave the rightmost lane for those turning-right vehicles. When everyone is observing this, traffic will be more manageable and no irate driver will keep on honking his horn just because a vehicle is blocking the rightmost lane. When cooler heads prevail, the risk for a traffic altercation is certainly reduced.


No U-Turn


This is one of the most violated traffic signs. Drivers would always try to make a u-turn when they forgot something or when they missed the street where they’re supposed to turn. This is also one of the most dangerous maneuvers because it would mean stopping in the middle of the road and crossing over to the other lane. Here, drivers would have to be very careful especially if they are trying to make a u-turn on a highway where cars are running fast without regard to other motorists.


No Overtaking


caduhaan road being prepared by dbcci for concretingProbably among the highest cause of road accidents is overtaking. Drivers would often overtake another vehicle if they are in a hurry and in doing so, they either hit another vehicle, or get hit by an oncoming one. Areas where vehicles constantly overtake have roads that are well-made. Normally, LGUs contract with reliable construction companies like Dynamic Builders and Construction Co. (Phil.) in building or rehabilitating these roads, as the manner by which roads are built can likewise contribute in reducing road accidents.


Always remember that when you are on the road, your safety is not certain, but what you can do is to follow road safety signs in order to lessen the risk of an accident from happening. 

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