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Patag Erosion Control Can Save Many Lives

The high incidence of erosion in Patag, Silay City has caused a lot of worries on residents. The fear of waking up one single day without a home, or at worse, without a loved one, is simply very disturbing that it prompted the local government concerned to look for ways to prevent such an occurrence. Fortunately, Dynamic Builders and Construction Co. (Phil.) Inc. (DBCCI) has successfully mastered an erosion control system that could help prevent a catastrophe from claiming lives.

The Patag Erosion Control is one of the projects that DBCCI is proud of. The essence of an erosion control system is to make sure that the portion of that land will be supported enough to prevent it from being eroded when weather conditions are not that well.


patag erosion control by dbcciThe fear of the residents situated in areas where the risk of erosion is high is not unfounded. There have been several localities in Negros Occidental that suffered from this adverse effect of heavy torrential rains. Being proactive, the local government unit of Silay ensured the safety of its residents by establishing an erosion control structure at high risk areas.


Initially, the local government unit concerned conducted a study as to what areas in Silay must be prioritized. This study was carried out by some of the best engineers in the region. After an exhaustive comparative study, it was ascertained that the Patag area is the most critical one, hence, it was the area that benefited from the erosion control system provided by Dynamic Builders and Construction Co. (Phil.) Inc.


With the erosion control system in place, residents of Patag can sleep better knowing full well that there is a reliable protection that can keep them safe even if heavy rains will come.


mt patag erosion control project by dynamic builders bacolod cityAside from the usual fear of an erosion occurring at night, motorists are likewise given that sense of security whenever they pass by high risk areas. They are assured that even if it is raining heavily, they will not end up being covered in mud brought about by an erosion during the rainy season. Parents should no longer fear for the safety of their children whenever the latter would be going to school or elsewhere.


Indeed, the Patag Erosion Control is one project that the officers and staff of DBCCI are proud of. It has not only provided peace of mind to the residents of the barangay, but it has truly saved lives.

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