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Erosion and What You Can Do About It

Erosion is a common problem in the Philippines. In fact, it is among those fortuitous events that have been known to claim lives, without regard to age or gender. At times, news items flash before our very eyes, telling us of tragedies that befell a certain family in the middle of the night because of land that eroded from higher elevations. One good thing today is that there are some entities like Dynamic Builders and Construction Co. (Phil.) Inc. which has implemented erosion control projects in various areas of Negros Occidental.

Erosion and Its Dangers


Erosion is defined as the gradual destruction of something by natural forces, such as water, wind, or ice. In the Philippines, erosion primarily results from rain and wind. With continuous soil erosion, a lot of destruction takes place in affected areas.


dbcci erosion control project in mt patag silay cityFor instance, homes and communities that sit atop a hill or cliff, are endangered whenever the land at the base of their homes gets eroded. Little by little, the support that is necessary to maintain the integrity of the foundation is diminished. With such diminishing support, the possibility of the homes caving in is not remote. This is why if there is a need for preventing erosion from ever occurring, it is best that it would be done at the earliest to prevent greater damage.


Preventing Erosion


In some areas in the Philippines, erosion is being prevented by means of natural processes such as tree planting. Trees help in holding on to the soil, which in turn helps in preventing erosion.


There are also others which actually hire professionals in order for them to implement erosion control measures which could undeniably save both the land and the residents of the area concerned.


dbcci erosion control project at mt patag silay cityIn the case of Dynamic Builders and Construction Co. (Phil.) Inc., they have the right people which can undertake the setting up, maintenance, and care for the erosion control project. They have the right people who can undertake the setting up, maintenance, and care for the erosion control project. Their leading project for this one is the Patag Erosion Control Project, which has actually proven to be very beneficial for the residents of the area.


With companies like Dynamic Builders providing quality erosion control projects, it is very likely that erosion problems will soon be a thing of the past.




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