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Sipalay Hospital – A Testament of Good Governance

One of the primary needs of residents is health services. Giving People adequate access to healthcare facilities certainly helps in alleviating poverty and minimizing the spread of diseases in a community. For local government units, healthcare is among the priority needs that are being addressed. One good example is the City of Sipalay. The city went out of its way to provide good healthcare facilities to the residents. With the help of Dynamic Builders and Construction Co. (Phil.) Inc., the city was able to build an expansive hospital that could accommodate hundreds of patients.

The Facility


The newly constructed hospital sits on several thousand square meters of land. The grounds are wide enough to accommodate more facilities later on should the local government unit concerned decide to expand. It has an adequate parking space for doctors, staff, and patients.


sipalay city hospital site development by dynamic builders and construction company bacolod cityThe two-storey building is designed in such a manner so as to provide ease of access to patients. It has an emergency room where patients whose conditions need immediate medical attention can be attended to. The hospital is comprised of various types of rooms. There’s an advanced ward facility which provides modern health equipment to give patients the best medical attendance. Aside from the ward, there are also the private rooms, which will be beneficial for cases that are quite sensitive and would require a separate room just for them. Of course, the maternity section of the hospital was built to serve pregnant women who are about to deliver or are undergoing pregnancy-related complications.


The Service


sipalay city hospital site development by dynamic builders and construction bacolod cityWhen it comes to the doctors of the hospital, they were carefully chosen by the administrative body handling the health facilities of city. They are competent and are known for the specializations. The nurses of the hospital are highly trained to serve the needs of patients. They are chosen not only for their competence in the care of patients, but also for their characteristics, as the hospital would love to have nurses who have the heart for the needy ones.


The Parties


Indeed, the hospital project of Sipalay, which came into fruition with the help of Dynamic Builders and Construction Co. is one of the facilities that the city can be proud of at the moment. It is meant to serve not only the needs of the residents of Sipalay, but also those who come to the city searching for good healthcare facilities. Now, with the hospital standing and ready to serve people, there is no doubt that the healthcare levels in the city will be alleviated. A better hospital will always lead to a better community life!

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