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Kabankalan Took Concrete Steps to Control Flooding

With torrential rains hitting the Island of Negros every now and then, flooding has become a common occurrence. Whether you’re in highly urbanized cities or in component cities, flooding has actually become a norm. Good thing though is that the City of Kabankalan took concrete steps to control the worsening flooding problem. It sought the help of a trustworthy construction company to undertake the project of providing a flood control structure in Kabankalan.

Dynamic Builders and Construction Co. (Phil.) Inc. (DBCCI) has been in the business of providing quality construction projects ranging from horizontal projects like roads, to vertical projects, such as the construction of several buildings.  DBCCI has proven its worth in this field and many projects all over Negros were made possible by them.


The Project


kabankalan city flood control project by dynamic builders bacolod cityThe Kabankalan flood control project is one that will help decongest the drainage systems in the city, allowing a better flow of water when rain comes. Yes, it will take some cost and some time to be completed but the glaring advantages are certainly worth waiting for.


The project commenced with the ascertainment as to what area in Kabankalan would need it most. Upon having identified the area, engineers of DBCCI inspected the location in order to be able to draft a skeletal plan on how to approach structure building. After some time, when the plan was already finalized, DBCCI sent project engineers and staff to commence with the project.


kabankalan city flood control project by dynamic builders and construction company of bacolod cityThe flood control system involved heavy structures. There’s a lot of digging and filling. There’s also a need for accuracy in terms of ensuring the alignment of the concrete slabs. Of course, the workers also need to be adept at such types of construction work. Fortunately, DBCCI never ran out of good and highly trained personnel, which could answer for any type of construction work that is required from the company.


The project was completed as planned. There were no delays incurred, which actually left a good impression to many Kabankalanons. The flood control structure was put to good use when rainy season came. The residents of the area were no longer perturbed at the thought of flooding, but they were in fact given more peaceful nights, without the need to stay up and guard their belongings in the even there would be flooding.


A Job Well Done


With the flood control system in place, many people actually became delighted having recognized the huge alleviation the system has provided to their daily lives. Dynamic Builders has done it again. It has not only done a construction project, it has actually contributed to the well-being of residents of Kabankalan.

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