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Why the Need to Control Flooding

The Philippines is not immune to floods. Every now and then, especially when heavy rains fall, towns and cities become flooded. Some experience flooding in primary commercial areas, while there are those that had to deal with flooding in residential areas. Either way, flooding is not something welcomed by any individual. Many localities nowadays implement flood control systems in order to minimize if not at entirely prevent flooding. These systems are usually built by reliable construction companies in Bacolod such as Dynamic Builders and Construction Co. (Phil.) Inc.

Aside from the inconvenience that flooding brings, there are actually other dangers associated with flooding. Here is a list of some of them.




kabankalan flood control project by dynamic builders and construction company of bacolodWater from the sewage system, which is undeniably mixed with flood waters, isn’t exactly the kind that you would want to immerse your foot or half of your body in. This water is murky and at the same time full of disease carrying organisms. Take for instance the disease leptospirosis. This disease is caused by bacteria that are commonly found in rats, and are transmissible to humans.


Since rats primarily live in the sewers, then one can safely say that the water there is contaminated, and there is a strong possibility for the bacteria to flow with the water. In case you have an open wound which comes in contact with the bacteria, you might find yourself in a whole lot of trouble. And this is just one, who knows what else lurks in those murky flood waters?


Loss and Expense


dbcci flood control project for kabankalanWhenever a town or city is inundated by flood, loss of property always happens. Once water, dirty one at that, starts getting into the premises of a home, a business establishment, or a field, one can expect loss in terms of value of property. Some property get damaged, not to mention the time that it would take to clean up the mess left by floodwaters. Taken together, it would still result to a high degree of losses.


Aside from the losses incurred, you also have to deal with a lot of expenses after the flood. You pay for repairs, you need to purchase things that got broken, you need to fix a lot of stuff in order to go back to normalcy. All these would entail money, which would not be too easy to find after a calamity.


Loss of Life


flood control construction project for kabankalan city by dbcciThe worst part of a flood is when waters rise to levels that are uncontrollable. This situation often cost lives and the Philippines is not immune to such situations. That is why any flood control measure that could be implemented by the local government unit could help tremendously in ensuring the welfare of the residents.


With Dynamic Builders and Construction Co. (Phil.) Inc. providing flood control systems, every community will always have the chance of being flood free.

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