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Dynamic Solid Waste Management – The City’s Partner for Improvement

One of the major problems of every local government unit is its garbage collection. This is not only a problem of huge and highly urbanized cities in Manila, but it is also a cause of headache for LGUs in provinces. Take for instance, the garbage collection in Bacolod City which for several years, many people have complained about. This has been brought about by the stench of garbage plaguing some areas of the city. 

Due to the growing concern for the city’s garbage problem, the city has decided to outsource the collection of garbage to private entities. It was quite fortunate that Dynamic Builders and Construction Co. (Phil.) Inc. (DBCCI) was the one that was awarded the contract. Since DBCCI is out to protect its name, it made sure that it provides adequate and reliable service to the city.


The Preparation


When DBCCI was awarded the project, it set out to look for the finest engineers and analysts in order to be able to figure out the best plan to approach the city’s garbage collection. Its engineers were made to choose and select the most appropriate garbage trucks which could best serve the city’s needs. The analysts were made to come up with a foolproof plan which could bring about the most efficient manner in collecting garbage.


Some of the factors that these hired analysts needed to deal with were the city’s population, particularly pertaining to each barangay, the commercial areas vis-à-vis the residential areas, the number of trucks available, the number of workers, and also the number of drivers.

dynamic builders solid waste management personnel hauling and loading garbage to truck 

The abovementioned factors would have to be considered in order to be able to figure out an efficient manner in collecting garbage. After a reasonable amount of time, the analysts were able to come up with a good plan which made garbage collection feasible.


In fact, when Dynamic Solid Waste Management took over the garbage collection in the city, a lot of good feedback was heard from the residents of the city. The collection has become more up-to-date and the garbage trucks that were used were well-maintained. Aside from that, workers were provided with uniforms and the manner of collection was done in an organized and truly efficient manner.


The Implementation


Every week, Dynamic Solid Waste Management trucks would go about their assigned areas to collect garbage. One good note about them is that they infused this blaring music which will tell you that the garbage trucks are near. Hence, residents already know that they’re coming and are able to bring out their trash out of their homes for collection.


Indeed, the moment that DBCCI took over the collection of garbage in the city, Bacolod residents have really felt the improvement. With such an efficient system, garbage collection in Bacolod will cease to become a problem. This was such a great development in 2015.

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