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This Year was a Real Boon for the Construction Industry in Bacolod

Hiring in the City of Smiles seemed to have increase for the past years and one major contributory factor there is the fact that the construction industry was really booming. So from virtually having a lot of unemployed, Bacolod City was able to rebound, thanks to the construction industry.


The outlook for hiring in construction and manufacturing sectors in 2014 looked bright, reports suggest. According to reports, several firms are planning to hire more people within the year and hopefully it will continue for several more years.

Improved performance

Last year growth figures with specific reference to hiring in construction and manufacturing sectors were a mixed bag, if one were to analyze data from the Labor Statistics. Construction hiring fell by several thousands of jobs. However, a more current data showed that the trends show a step in the positive direction, when numbers are compared between December to a couple of years before.

Unemployment rate in construction was really high in 2010, but it slightly decreased in 2012. One of the reasons for the drop in these figures is also due to many workers who opted out of the construction sector. Finding professional and trained workers can be a difficult proposition considering rising demand in the sector.

Manufacturing jobs

Industrial production gained marginally though according to a news report. Also, production of durable consumer goods category went up by a certain percentage, which boosted the overall output in manufacturing. The rate of growth in the manufacturing segment is expected to stay on course in the first quarter of this year, reports say.

A survey taken up by an accounting firm said that each year the outlook keeps getting more positive. A good number of the respondents expect that their staff will see an increase in the current year. Customer demand is also expected to rise.

Since there is a change in administration however, everybody just hopes that the good things will continue and that the construction industry in Bacolod will keep on seeing an increase in the number of clients that construction companies serve.

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