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What Kind of Renewable Materials Can Be Found at the Bacolod Construction Site?

If you are environmentally conscious, then you must be advocating for reusing and recycling materials. Are you thinking of building a house that can be considered as friendly to the environment? Were you even thinking of renovating the house? If you are among those who are environmentally-conscious, then you should know that you can find a lot of reusable materials at the construction site.


Definitely wood

Wood is one of the most basic things that is used in large quantities during construction. But not every piece of wood gets used in the construction process, does it? So why not make the best use of the excess wood? Of course, you won’t be able to put into use those oddly shaped or small wood pieces, but you can certainly keep an eye out for chunks of wood on your construction site that are in usable sizes. They can be used to make small pet doors, frames and even stairs. A lot better than tossing those pieces into the dumpster, right?

Of course, there’s also glass

Glass is another material that you can reuse. But you will have to be a little careful with this one. As glass is fragile, you can notify the workers on site beforehand to be a little careful while getting it off. If you manage to take out the glass from the windows properly, you can use it for variety of other purposes which will help you in cutting down on a lot of expenses too.

Don’t forget the drywall

One of the prime house renovation and interior construction materials, drywall can be reused in many ways. It is commonly used to cover holes. Also, drywall contains an ingredient called boron which serves very well as a plant nutrient.

You can recycle concrete too

Recycling concrete helps in saving a lot of landfill space. Apart from that, you can also use it to add steadiness to your conduits and pipes.

Copper is another good material to reuse and recycle

Copper is one of the most sought after metals and you will find plenty of it at your construction site. An average home has around 400 pounds of copper wiring and piping. Did you know that you can get a substantial amount for every kilo of copper that you take to your scrap dealer? Not bad, right? You can easily cut down on some major expenses by recycling it. Copper does not lose its durability or strength even after recycling. This is what makes it a popular metal.

So the next time that you do a certain construction project in Bacolod, better stay a bit longer at the construction site even after the project is already finished. You will definitely find a lot of reusable and recyclable materials there.

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