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Know the Beauty Aspect of a Construction Project - Landscape Architecture

Do you know the difference between a landscape designer and a landscape architect? Sometimes these terms are used interchangeably that people treat them as the having the same meaning even though they actually mean two different things.


Landscape architecture encompasses the analysis, planning, design, management, and stewardship of the natural and built environments. Landscape architectural projects include design of public parks, site planning for commercial and residential properties, land reclamation, urban and community design, and historic preservation.

Normally, landscape architects require formal education and accreditation. You also would need some experience to be rightfully acclaimed as a landscape architect. The Philippine Association of Landscape Architects provide good information regarding the requirements, qualifications, and what you should be able to possess in order to gain the Bachelor of Landscape Architecture degree.

On the other hand, landscape designers don’t often possess these credentials. These are individuals who may have not have these credentials yet they design or work on various landscapes. If you would be needing a landscape architect, better tell the construction company concerned. Some of the steps of landscape architecture include pre-planning, project planning, preliminary design, final design, documentation and installation.

Pre-planning - As the client, you discuss your desires with the architect and provide background, priorities, and any basic design guidelines. You'll work together and define the overall scope and timeline. The result will be a proposed budget and statement of work

Project Planning - Further preliminary details are developed with you about the site and its function and usage. The site is analyzed and the Landscape Architect creates a list of development priorities, which you'll approve.

Preliminary & Final Design - A review of the site, usage requirements, and environmental conditions are undertaken to create preliminary drawings. The Landscape Architect will show you design and presentation drawings showing the overall site concept. Initial construction cost estimates are provided, which you review and approve. Further detail is added to the concept. Material is selected and initial construction documentation is created. Where necessary, cost estimates are revised.

Documentation - Additional detailed specifications and drawings are developed and provided to you for approval. The Landscape Architect may give you construction documents to assist you in soliciting bids from contractors and may help you review bids.

Installation - Depending on your contract, the Landscape Architect may play an active role in representing you in your interaction with the contractor and provide on-site supervision. At the close of the project, the Landscape Architect will make a final inspection.

Now that you have an idea as to what’s the difference between a landscape architect and landscape designer, then you may be able to identify who among them you need for your next construction project.


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