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Different Types Of Construction Drawings

Do you know what construction drawings are? These are those papers that you see on the desks of architects or engineers. You might even be familiar with them – plans, working drawings, detailed drawings, shop drawings, assembly drawings, assembly and installation drawings. There are three types of drawings that are utilized in all types of building discipline – detailed, fabrication and working.


Take a look at what kinds of drawings these are:

Architectural drawings

Architectural drawings is an umbrella term for different kinds of plans, detailed drawings, reports and sketches etc which are either prepared by architects or engineers for the effective development of architectural trade of the building. For the development of detailed architectural drawings it is imperative that architectural CAD drafting services are hired by clients. For hiring architectural drafting services clients have to find out excellent architectural and engineering services providing company which can deliver reliable drawings to them in reasonable rates and within strict deadlines. The kinds of drawings which come within architectural drawings are site plans, floor plans, sections and elevations etc.

Structural drawings

Again all the detailed drawings and plans which are developed by structural engineers, steel detailers and drafters for the effective development of structural framework of the building fall within the definition of structural drawings. Some of the most important drawings without which the development of structural framework is not possible are fabrication drawings and erection drawings. Fabrication drawings fulfill all the demands of fabricators in terms of the availing detailed information about the components which require effective fabrication.

The instruction, plans, sketches and specifications for the development of fabrication drawings are provided by architects and structural engineers to drafters. Steel detailers are concerned technicians who are accountable for the execution of steel detailing services, where both fabrication drawings and erection drawings are developed.

MEP drawings

MEP is very important building trade which stands for mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems and for its effective development design and construction professionals have to first develop high quality drawings. The kinds of MEP drawings which are generated during MEP drafting services include mechanical drawings, electrical drawings and plumbing drawings.

If you go into the detailed description of MEP drawings they include assembly drawings, single part drawings, MEP shop drawings and installation drawings etc.

These drawings are all important. Construction industries in Bacolod couldn’t possibly survive without these drawings. So for your next Bacolod construction project, better make sure to have all these drawings at hand so that your project will not be encountering a lot of issues.

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