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3 Tips to a Successful Food Terminal Construction Project

There’s no question about it, commercial construction is back in a big way in the Bacolod City area. Recently, local newspapers reported in a story featuring Dynamic Builders and Construction Co., Inc. being award the project of building a new Negros First Palapala and Food Terminal. This is a truly laudable project, one that DBCCI humbly accepts, which can potentially become another iconic landmark of Bacolod City and Negros Occidental.

In Bacolod City, commercial general contractors are finding plenty of opportunities in the office, apartment and hotel construction markets right now. With DBCCI, the company has had the good fortune of being attached to several high-profile, upscale Bacolod hotel, condominium and restaurant construction projects.

As the economy has improved steadily, the restaurant construction market has received a big boost. During the recent downturn, families gave up fine dining expenditures in favor of fast casual restaurants, or, simply eating at home to keep expenditures down. Now that confidence is back, large government-managed food terminals are seeing more traffic and smart decision makers are taking advantage of this upswing to initiate new food terminal construction projects.

Savvy food terminal owners know they have to keep things fresh and exciting for potential customers in such a highly competitive market. As these government decision makers have demonstrated, one way to keep from going stale is to initiate a substantial food terminal construction project. This can be done either through expansions, as in Manokan Country or remodeling and rebranding as in Negros First Palapala and Food Terminal.

Of course, working with the best local food terminal general commercial contractor will help increase the chances of your food terminal construction project being a success. For these following reasons, local governments have always put their solid trust on Dynamic Builders and Construction Company, Inc.

So what does DBCCI have that made them the first choice in government-managed food terminal construction?

The Company Always Achieve Design Savings

Working directly with a government-managed food terminal construction project generally implies a bid scenario. This could ultimately save the government money on a food terminal construction project as DBCCI is always able to recognize cost savings on materials and get the best current market costs for design elements. Because Dynamic Builders presents itself and is often viewed as a partner and not just a paid service provider, commercial construction projects generally run much smoother and realize cost savings for clients.

DBCCI Has An Scheduling And Management System

Going dark can hurt any business, but if a food terminal owner only has one or two locations, as is the case with many government-managed food terminals, it can be a risky scenario. This is where DBCCI can best help. The company can help food terminal owners find the best time in a calendar year to go dark for a food terminal construction project. This typically would be a time in the year when sales are at their lowest. Dynamic Builders could then schedule the majority of the work to be done in this timeframe, regardless of the season, and complete the food terminal construction project with as little disruption to the core business as possible. Time is money.

Working in a multi-use building.

In an urban setting like Bacolod, stand-alone food terminals are rare. Similar establishments in other places are usually located near wharfs or docks. In the case of the Negros First Palapala and Food Terminal, it sits right across the soon-to-rise massive residential and commercial building complex of the Ayala Group. This means its construction must complement the adjacent construction site without making a hindrance to the other company’s construction operations. Efficient scheduling of materials delivery must also be done so as not to hamper the operations of other construction projects.

Working with an experienced commercial general contractor, such as Dynamic Builders and Construction Company Incorporated, ensure that a food terminal construction project avoids pitfalls and completed in a timely manner.