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The Year That Was – Looking Back At The Bacolod Construction Industry 2016

The management and employees of Dynamic Builders and Construction Company, Incorporated look back on 2016 with a smile on their faces. While it may not be a record-setting year, it was a good year for all of them. It is also a year where there is excitement brought about by the changing of the guards in the political arena. It kind of rekindled the optimism for the near future, as massive infrastructure plans were laid out by the new government.

Your trusted firm, Dynamic Builders and Construction Company, Inc have been in the forefront of all these. Your company has also identified a couple of crucial construction trends that it managed to take advantage of during the past year.

The Re-Invention of Retailers

This is one of the best news for DBCCI. During the past year, the commercial retailer industry witnessed the return of consumers to the market, with both retailers and restaurateurs feeling the benefits of all these. The trend brought about a new wave of restaurant construction and reinvigorated retail construction. This is particularly true for known brands as they pursued to make their mark at street level locations and in major shopping malls

Going With The Trend

Retailers were not content to simply put up new locations with old blueprints and designs. With competition heating up, owners are trying to reinvent the physical location and create an experience for the shopper. This is happening with everything from your corner Starbucks all the way up to several thousand square meters shopping mall renovation project.

The Local Scene

This is the effect major brands’ successful retail construction model has had on the industry. Smartphone stores, for instance, are always packed and other retailers are looking to capture the same buzz. The good news is commercial general contractors are finding themselves on the ground floor of this process, working with retailers and restaurateurs to revitalize the brick and mortar location. As a result, it is a very exciting time in commercial construction.

Revitalizing Relationships

It’s no secret that new construction was on hiatus for a few years, but now that consumers are back, retailers and hotel owners are venturing out to begin new retail construction and new hotel construction projects. This has allowed DBCCI to work with real estate directors the company has not seen for some time. Interestingly enough, many old contacts have shifted to new brands and have brought Dynamic Builders new retail construction opportunities. It’s actually been a lot of fun getting to know new professionals and brands as well as reacquainting ourselves with old friends. Your trusted is optimistic this will all lead to many new retail construction opportunities in 2017 onwards.


As the times change in the commercial general construction industry, so too should the commercial construction contractor. At DBCCI, the company definitely tries to keep up with the times and differentiate the firm from the competition where it can. As retailers and restaurateurs set to reinvent themselves, so does Dynamic Builders. In 2016 the company began a rebranding and redesign of its website. The company is also excited to announce that it is expanding its services and have begun work in the multifamily construction and healthcare construction sectors. It’s an exciting new era at Dynamic Builders and Construction Company, Inc.