Dynamic Builders – Infusing Latest Technology in the Construction Business

Written by Saturday, 16 January 2016 00:00 Published in Blog

The role of digital technology in the construction industry has dramatically changed in the past two decades. In the case of Dynamic Builders and Construction Company Philippines Incorporated (DBCCI), the company’s use of computer-based, 3D imagery in the design, planning and construction process has ceased to be a fancy tool that attracts prospective clients; rather, it has evolved into an essential part of the business that the firm cannot do away with. This is perhaps explains why DBCCI continue to be ahead when compared to its competitors.


Choose Dynamic Builders for 2016

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The year 2016 is election year in the Philippines. Many candidates will once more splash their tarpaulins and flyers all over the country. In Bacolod, there will be choices for both local and national positions. And while most of the populace would be busy with the elections, there will be those who will be busy with construction projects. These will either be residential, commercial or governmental projects. If you are among those who will be thinking of construction for 2016 instead of elections, then you have come to the right place. Why? Because when it comes to the construction industry, there is no other name in Bacolod City that you can trust but Dynamic Builders.


2015 – A Good Year for Dynamic Builders

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The success of a company is normally measured by the number of years it has been in business and the rate of its growth. Suffice to say that Dynamic Builders and Construction Co. (Phil.) Inc. of Bacolod City, Negros Occidental, Philippines, has squarely met both criteria. For one, it has been in business for more than two decades, and at the same time, the company has grown exponentially over the years.


DBCCI – Celebrating Christmas Meaningfully

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The festive season is already felt in the complex of Dynamic Builders and Construction Co. (Phil.) Inc. (DBCCI). You can see Christmas decors hanging from the ceiling, and the presence of a Christmas tree simply reminds everyone that the season of joy and giving has already begun. Indeed, DBCCI never fails to give value to the meaning of Christmas.


Dynamic Solid Waste Management – The City’s Partner for Improvement

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One of the major problems of every local government unit is its garbage collection. This is not only a problem of huge and highly urbanized cities in Manila, but it is also a cause of headache for LGUs in provinces. Take for instance, the garbage collection in Bacolod City which for several years, many people have complained about. This has been brought about by the stench of garbage plaguing some areas of the city. 


Why the Need to Control Flooding

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The Philippines is not immune to floods. Every now and then, especially when heavy rains fall, towns and cities become flooded. Some experience flooding in primary commercial areas, while there are those that had to deal with flooding in residential areas. Either way, flooding is not something welcomed by any individual. Many localities nowadays implement flood control systems in order to minimize if not at entirely prevent flooding. These systems are usually built by reliable construction companies in Bacolod such as Dynamic Builders and Construction Co. (Phil.) Inc.


Kabankalan Took Concrete Steps to Control Flooding

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With torrential rains hitting the Island of Negros every now and then, flooding has become a common occurrence. Whether you’re in highly urbanized cities or in component cities, flooding has actually become a norm. Good thing though is that the City of Kabankalan took concrete steps to control the worsening flooding problem. It sought the help of a trustworthy construction company to undertake the project of providing a flood control structure in Kabankalan.


Sipalay Hospital – A Testament of Good Governance

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One of the primary needs of residents is health services. Giving People adequate access to healthcare facilities certainly helps in alleviating poverty and minimizing the spread of diseases in a community. For local government units, healthcare is among the priority needs that are being addressed. One good example is the City of Sipalay. The city went out of its way to provide good healthcare facilities to the residents. With the help of Dynamic Builders and Construction Co. (Phil.) Inc., the city was able to build an expansive hospital that could accommodate hundreds of patients.


Team Building – An Important Aspect of Company Growth

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Time and again, it has been said that the people comprising a company are the ones that really matter. Aside from the tangible assets that the company owns, which undeniably can be seen by the eye, the actual strength of the company lies in the workforce that makes it possible for the company to exist. Without good employees, no company can survive. This is why Dynamic Builders and Construction Co. (Phil.) Inc., sees to it that it invests in its people. How does it do that? For one, it makes team building activities a part of its yearly activities.