One of the misconceptions of many people when it comes to the success of huge business establishments in Bacolod City like Dynamic Builders and Construction Company is that it is primarily the financial capabilities of its stockholders that made it what it is today. However, this is only partially true because more than the capital, the company’s most important asset is the people that comprise it. In fact, this is the moving force behind the company’s numerous successes.


A lot of businesses usually find themselves confronted with huge labor-related problems due to the fact that they engage the services of a labor-only contractor instead of a legitimate subcontractor like Dynamic Builders and Construction Co. (Phils.) Inc. (DBCCI). Before they realize it, they are already in heaps of trouble and could no longer get out of the quagmire.


Labor-Only Contracting and Its Ramifications in the Business Industry

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One of the things that businesses must avoid is getting entangled with a labor-only contractor, who is obviously engaged with labor-only contracting. While this term has “contracting” appended to it, the law actually abhors such practice, as opposed to legitimate independent contracting like the one Dynamic Builders and Construction Co. (Phils.) Inc. History is replete with businesses that have fallen prey to this type of contracting, which rendered them facing liabilities that are more than they can truly handle.


Dynamic Builders Bacolod – Changing the Face of the Construction Industry

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When talking about the construction industry, a lot of people are inclined to stereotype those who are involved in it. There are some who thought of persons working in the construction industry as dodgy laborers while others immediately thought of them as a funnel through which some grease funds pass through. Good thing that Dynamic Builders and Construction Company Philippines Incorporated (DBCCI) came into the picture because this firm is one that can truly be described as a game-changer. How so? Read on and discover.


Dynamic Builders Concrete Pumps – Getting the Work Done In Time

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Do you know that the truck-mounted concrete pumps of Dynamic Builders and Construction Company Philippines Incorporated (DBCCI) are considered one the most efficient equipment in the construction firm’s inventory? It’s true! The concrete pumps of DBCCI help get the job done in a much faster and convenient way when compared to the traditional method of lifting the cement mixture by crane and pouring them out elsewhere. What is a concrete pump anyway and how is it able to speed up construction tasks?


The Importance of Excavators In Projects of Dynamic Builders Bacolod

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Excavators are among the most important pieces of machinery in any given construction project. At Dynamic Builders and Construction Company Philippines Incorporated (DBCCI), excavators is one of the most critical machineries at the disposal of foremen and engineers when they are faced with a broad range of construction jobs, particularly those that are seen as beyond the means and capacity of human labor.


Dynamic Builders Bacolod –Classic Example of an Efficient Company

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One of the companies in Bacolod City that has a stellar record in terms of organization, quality of workmanship, and efficiency is Dynamic Builders and Construction Company (Philippines), Incorporated. They are known for their being brutally honest in all of their dealings, as well as leaving a trail of a very satisfied clientele. If you plan to establish a business and wanted to be successful in all of your dealings, then you might want to learn a lesson or two from Bacolod City’s premier construction company.


Dynamic Builders Bacolod – Doing Big Things in Small Places

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A lot of people in Negros Occidental usually gape and stare in awe at the majestic San Carlos Bio-Energy facility, perhaps rubbing their eyes in wonder that such project can come to fruition. The green technology that the facility employs in producing electricity is another commendable achievement which will truly benefit the people of Negros Occidental in the long term. But did you know that many of the facilities within the SCBIPH have been constructed and built by Bacolod City’s premier construction company, Dynamic Builders and Construction Company (Philippines), Incorporated, or DBCCI?


All In a Day’s Work at a Construction Site of DBCCI

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Just like with any other company, DBCCI, while it may sound formidable and no-nonsense, also has its lighter side. Did you know that a lot of amusing things can happen behind the scene in every construction site of Dynamic Builders and Construction Company Philippines Incorporated? You must have read some good things, albeit in pretty serious tones, about DBCCI in the past but today is a good time to look at some of the amusing things that happen at a construction site.